” Who has who here?” – BP Chan- small changes equal big advantages

Traditional Push Hands Methods are intended to develop certain skills. The following footage shows me giving a couple of examples to Aaron. Sometimes a disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. The first example shows me capturing Aaron’s palm as he endeavors to put force on my elbow. This can then be used to pull him out of center and strike him in the throat. I can also use the concept of rise ,drill , fall , and overturn when a person touches my torso. By rising and drilling from the outside to the inside, I put an almost invisible lock on their wrist. They can feel it , however, you will not notice it looking from the outside. I utilize this when someone places their hand on my body because if they were to then try to use strength they would injure their own wrist. BP Chan used to say “who has who here” when I would get myself in these situations with him. These are some little actions that can yield some great results.

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