Wrapping In internal martial arts as a means of control.

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Turning a negative into a positive

One of the peculiarities of internal martial arts is the concepts of wrapping. The body is controlled by its joints. When the joints are out of center even the mind will be out of center. It is important to control your opponent when moving from joint to joint or center to center. Your opponents forearm is three fists widths long. When we wrap our opponent we let them pull our body and arm but not our head. We also do not allow them to pull us past 45°. When this is accomplished your opponent well actually pull you into your foot so that you may receive his strength and unscrew or coil out of the pull. This is accomplished by turning the waist and pressing the foot. The hand will flip over when gripped by the wrist and the back of the hand will now be in contact with the center of the forearm. The hand and elbow can both be controlled from this point. This allows me to defend if my opponent decides to elbow strike me or punch me when they start to realize they are losing control.

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