This is a revised version as i accidentally left out one of the postures. i also changed the hands and feet separately as i was trying to accent the differences between the postures by contrasting what had changed versus what had stayed the same . That being said , i want a round table type situation where Fellow Practitioners share their experiences , corrections , and advise . i apologize for my error and i am happy that this error gives me an opportunity to request more interaction from my Brothers and Sisters and especially from my Seniors and Elders . Thank you to David Saltman for the correction :

Everybody’s right, everybody’s wrong…. When we learned this, there was an additional posture after #4 (press heels down, raising the toes) – move feet forward and stretch front tendons, lifting feet while pressing toes to ground. On #6 and #7, arms & legs moved into the new postures at the same time, not serially. “That was my learning,” as the Old Man liked to say. I should add, from my own learning: one of these has proven to be useful in managing the tremors of Parkinson’s Disease.





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