Yiquan Transitional Method








The Yiquan Yang Sheng Set is a great standing set for balancing the body both structurally and energetically . i have used the set for years to chase away all manner of illness from Cancer to Osteo Necrosis to IBS to Depression to Diabetes . A Student of mine used these to lower his blood sugar from 250 to 110 in two weeks . i can’t praise this set enough , but i wanted to share something that i observed in my training that translates to power expression . When i first started standing training i THOUGHT that it was important to stay in my stance and only change my arms throught the postural changes . i suffered through this training even though my teacher came out of posture to transition and sank to get into posture with everything arriving together . i thought it was a weakness and so i persevered through my preconceived definition until my mind softened and my arms softened . my legs are softening . my mind is opening and my back is opening . Eventually i was tenderized enough to hear my bodies hidden pains and to also look for solutions to solve my problems . i theorized that if i could match the upward movement with downward sinking , then the sum of all of the forces would be zero . Effortless power . i began to not only comprehend the logic of rising between transitions and sinking to get into posture, but i also began to feel the difference . i eventually realized that there was a real mechanic to this internal exchange . i wanted to share this experience in hopes of awakening the value of Yiquan or your own Art’s standing methods . Also this is a great standing set .




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