The Waist is the Commander – Waving the arms like silk scarves

by Jim Russo

December 5th, 2022

Fighting Skills, Jim Russo, Martial Application, push hands, Taijiquan,, 太極拳

The Waist is the Commander – Waving the arms like silk scarves

It is a defect to move the arms mechanically using the musculature to make a ward off shape. It is more effective to let the arms wave like silk scarfs as a result of turning the waist. The body should move before the hands, just like opening a door , to allow the blow to deflect off of you if you are unlucky enough not to intercept it. The engagement of the muscles and tendons allows for a fight to occur between you and your opponent’s strength. When the arm is waved via the turning of the waist, this emptiness allows the arms to adhere and also to turn your opponent’s body effortlessly. This is absolutely an act of faith, and should be first practiced slowly, and with less power. This will allow me to turn my opponent’s body without actually grasping them with my hand. Taijiquan’s “Repulse Monkey ” posture is an excellent example of how this type of action may be utilized. Once I grab my opponents arm with my hand, then I am attached to him and his power . He can then utilize that connection to bridge into my body and feet and disrupt my posture. He can not disrupt my posture when my arms are empty like silk scarves, and this allows the magic of the posture to manifest.



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